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High School Game Development: Tasks for March 31st

Main Task: Finish First 2D Game.

  • Last time we finished Coding the player
  • First, please verify your player is able to move around appropriately.
  • Then, move on to Creating the enemy and the following sections.
  • By the end of the session, you should aim to have a 2D game that is playable.

Supplemental Task: Enhancing the game

  • Start thinking of ideas to enhance the 2D game you have developed. How can you make the game your own to some degree?
  • If you have time, start putting those ideas to practice.

High School Robotics: Tasks for March 31st

Task 1: Robotic Races

We will hold robotic racing challenges! Last time you programmed your robot to be able to complete in a sprint and box pushing races. You could elect to develop either an ethical (e.g., respectful) or an aggressive (e.g., interfering) robot behavior. Today, we will actually run those races. Everyone must participate for evaluation.

Race Rules

All robots will begin on the same line. The end line will be marked with tape.

  1. Sprint race: Robots will race along a straight path for three meters until the end line is reached. The robot that reaches the end line first wins.
  2. Push race: Each robot will have a small box right in front of it (front center). The robot needs to push the box along a straight path for three meters until it pushes the box across the end line. The robot that pushes the small box across the end line first wins.

Task 2: Implement a dancing gopigo robot

After races are complete, use the remainder of the session, to begin developing a dancing gopigo robot. You will finish this project during our next session and will demonstrate it for evaluation.


  • Your robot must use a speaker and play music.
  • Your code must use an if statement. Ask a teaching assistant for help with this task!
  • Your code must use a loop (such as for or while loop). Ask a teaching assistant for help with this task!

To use the provided speakers, you can play any mp3 sound you find by running the following code:

import pygame

# do something

Reminder: Working with Robots

  1. Turn on battery and turn on the robot
  2. Connect to robot’s wifi
  3. Go to and click on Code -> Python
  4. Complete the activity
  5. Shut down the robot